Summerhouse with canopy

Where a garden shed was previously used primarily as an extra storage place for, for example, the bicycles and the lawn mower, nowadays it is increasingly seen as a country house.

When you see the last option or a combination of both, a garden house with a porch or roof is the ideal solution. In this way the extra outside space is enlarged and you can, always or not, always sit dry and sheltered outside under a canopy.

Small or large garden house? With or without integrated roofing?

Are you looking for a small garden house with a roof? Everything is possible at Woodpro! A garden house with a roof is currently very popular! The advantage of a garden house with awning is that it has both a lockable space and a covered space.

In the lockable room there is room for storing garden furniture, tools or used things that are too good to throw away. There is room for different purposes under the roof. For example, create a lounge and put a large dining table where you can dine together with friends and family.

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